SCENEBOT – FOR ACTORS The Greatest Discovery since the iPHONE

SCENEBOT for Actors is the greatest discovery since the iPHONE. As a Talent Manager in Los Angeles who signs actors every year, I highly recommend actors sign up for a FREE account with Scenebot. Scenebot is the app that empowers you, the actor, to “get scene” by top entertainment industry professionals – Agents, Managers and Casting Directors – for FREE!

I know for a fact you do NOT need to do expensive showcases to meet legit Casting Directors, Talent Agents, Modeling Agents, and Talent Managers. Every single day actors and models get into this business without ever spending that kind of money. As a rule, I would say…be very concerned of showcase systems that cost $5,000-$10,000, have BIG Hype and lavish expensive hotels because that means YOU are paying for the frivolity that has nothing to do with a one-on-one meeting with an Industry Pro. TRUST ME You don’t need any of that to get discovered and signed to a great agency.  I will explain what you can do instead. I have several suggestions:

1) The first is called SCENEBOT.

SCENEBOT IS A FREE WEBSITE/APP that allows actors to sign in, create a profile for FREE, choose a scene, learn it, practice it and UPLOAD it to SCENEBOT so REAL Talent Agents, Talent Managers (like me) and Top Casting Directors can watch them. 

WITH SCENEBOT THE EXPOSURE IS FREE. That’s right I said free and we are talking about MAJOR INDUSTRY PLAYERS reviewing the tapes.  There are over 100 VIP’s watching and the list is staggering: Disney Casting Directors, Nickelodeon Casting Directors, Top Agents and Managers. It’s an incredible opportunity for actors. Click here to see who is watch the scenes a- SCENEBOT VIPS Check these top industry players out on IMDBPRO, do your research.

SCENEBOT It is something you can do right from your home, starting today, without ever spending a PENNY! It’s Legit. Actors who have uploaded scenes to SCENEBOT have actually gotten Agents, Managers, Auditions and have been CAST in Film and TV projects, booked Pilots and had major auditions just from being seen on SCENEBOT.  I have signed several clients myself who are on SCENEBOT.

Anyone in the world can upload scenes from anywhere in the world. Actors upload scenes regularly, they have monthly contests, the winners get promoted to Industry people with a direct email into their inbox. Each week I receive an email with the top 10 best uploaded scenes. Can you spell EX-PO-SURE?

Stop what you are doing…go to your phone and DOWNLOAD THE APP right now. Create your profile the start by practicing…You can download scenes to practice for awhile, work on them with your acting teachers and when you feel the scene is really good… upload it to SCENEBOT! You can upload scenes ongoing to the monthly competitions.

Also there are all kinds of training video for FREE that teach about the industry. You will learn from Agents, Managers, Casting Directors and some of your FAVORITE STARS!

  Jace from Henry Danger talks SCENEBOT!


The visionary man who invented SCENEBOT is married to legendary kids casting director Krisha Bullock – (she has cast Henry Danger, Sam & Cat, Victorious, ICarly, True Jackson, Drake & Josh etc.) He had the idea for 17 to find away to connect actors and industry folks without charging obscene fees. If you know me, and you have read my blogs you know I HATE obscene fees. When I learned of SCENEBOT I immediately called them to get the entire story and went to their offices in Woodland Hills to lend my support.

Stop what you are doing…go to your phone and DOWNLOAD THE APP right now. I have it on my iPhone and I can look for new actors from where ever I am. It allows me to send a message to an actor I am interested in speaking to about management. I just did that… which is what sparked this Blog Entry:) As a Talent Manager in LA I can go into SCENEBOT look at all the profiles of the actors and when I see actors who are interesting to me… I can read their profiles and contact them directly. Easy Peasey.

So these are the kinds of “Secrets” I share in my never-ending series called “SECRETS OF A HOLLYWOOD TALENT MANAGER”

If you want more of my “SECRETS” visit my website, read my blogs, read my EBooks watch my videos on YouTube! and STAY CLOSE…..

See you on the Red Carpet,

Wendy Alane Wright
Talent Manager, President
WAW Entertainment


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