Self Tape Equipment

One of my FAVORITE acting schools in the world is in NEW YORK CITY.  It’s called MATT NEWTON STUDIOS. I highly recommend actors train there with MATT NEWTON.  He knows his stuff.

 I want to share this article Matt wrote about self-taping that I find very helpful!

Every actor needs to be ready and armed for when those last minute self tapes come in.  The tapes need to look GREAT so that the decision makers are paying attention to your FACE, and not your weird doll collection behind you. That means good, clear video, professional sound, neutral backdrop, and killer lighting.   

How do you do it on a budget?  What equipment do you need?  How do you edit it?  Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about getting a killer self tape.

Matt’s list of affordable self tape equipment for actors. 
1.  A soft box light kit.  Here is one by Limostudiofor $79 on Amazon.  It uses daylight bulbs (great for video), and are very portable.  Watch this videoon 3 point lighting to get a sense of how to position them. 
2.  A 60″ tripod.  Here is one for $24.  
3. A tripod adaptor.  If you are taping with your iPhone (which has great HD video), you need to attach it to the tripod. Here is one for $5. 
4.  A lavalier microphone.  For sound you should always use an external mic.  This one hooks up to any camera, including your iPhone, and is great.   $20.   
5.  A neutral backdrop.  I prefer the color blue or grey.  Here is one for $10 on Amazon. Or you can just pin a bed sheet to the wall. 

Simple, right?  For around $125 you can take your self tapes to the next level.   Yes, there are cheaper ways, but this is the exact equipment I use at the studio.   With self tapes more important than ever, you must always be sending out the BEST LOOKING SELF TAPE you possibly can.   These are seen by casting directors, producers, director, and network executives.   Do yourself a favor and invest, and watch your booking ratio go up!  


On-Going TV and Film Classes for Adults

 Classes are  for ages 18 and up, and are limited to 10 students.    All students work each week, and all get a video of their work after each class. If you have questions, email us at

Just à little more helpfu information for all of you hard-working actors out there. 

See you on the red carpet!

Wendy Alane Wright
Talent Manager and Acting Career Coach

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